Pall Hydraulic Filters

Filpro offers hundreds of Pall Hydraulic Filter replacements at reduced costs while offering same quality. Below is a breakdown of their part numbers and info to either request a quote or purchase them.
The first 5 parts of the above number (HC960) represent the series of filter it is. Pall has many different styles of series for all different types of applications
The next number (usually a zero or 1) determine if it is a high pressure or low pressure style element - HC9600FKS8H
  • 0 = low pressure
  • 1 = high pressure
The following letter represents if the element is a cartridge style filter or a spin on style - HC9600FKS8H
  •  F = cartridge
  •  S = spin on
Next letter will tell you the media of the filter material - HC9600FKS8H
  • U = paper
  • D&K = Micro-glass/pall
After that, it goes to the micron rating - HC9600FKS8H
  • Z = 1 micron
  • T = 25 micron
  • S = 12 micron
  • N = 6 micron
  • P = 3 micron
The next number will tell you the length of the filter in inches
  • in this part #, this element would be 8" long. - HC9600FKS8H
And the last letter will tell you the seal material - HC9600FKS8H
  • H = Buna
  • Z = Viton
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